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MINDCo launches FeONIC invisible & green audio in Middle East

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Ever seen a Table or a Wall or a Ceiling, a Floor, a Door, or a Bath Tub act as a speaker and create an amazingly immersive musical environment! Technology enthusiasts have made progress beyond imaginations designing new products. A technology which found its inception at FeONIC Technology a couple of years back has culminated into a cost effective and eco-friendly, green solution to high end audio requirements.


Innovative UK based company FeONIC Technology, which launched its F Series Drives last year in UK, has now launched its F series range of products to the region. F Series drives, which FeONIC Technology introduced to market after extensive research and development, have the capability to convert different kind of resonant surfaces into speakers. These resonant surfaces include commonly used building materials like MDF, Glass Panels, Plasterboards, Plywood, Metal Sheet and Structures, Plastics, Laminates, Honeycomb Panels, Acrylic, Fibre Glass Panels, Wooden Structures, etc. With these drives, you can soon see gypsum ceilings, wooden floors, glass windows, wall paintings, room features or even the boats, yachts etc., duplicating as speakers. Small in size, they just need to get mounted on the surface to produce an excellent sound in the area where they are installed. This happens because these drives create a distributed output (rather than conical output); hence they create a flat speaker which can cover a larger area for the delivery of sound output.


FeONIC’s technology provides Interior Designers, Consultants, Engineers, and Architects with a unique and extremely exciting audio solution to address the problem of design and aesthetics. Due to their small size, they can easily be integrated within the existing structure. Superior quality music is produced with the actual source of audio output being completely invisible to the listener. Importantly, FeONIC’s technology also minimises noise pollution which is an important concern of consultants & architects for sustainable future. These drives offer omni-directional, near perfect distribution of sound across the surface to which they are mounted with no reverberation, bounce or echo. Noise pollution, therefore, is reduced significantly without affecting the speech intelligibility. The speech intelligibility of FeONIC Drives exceeds those of European standards in public places making it suitable for use in public transport like stations, parking areas, malls etc. The distributed mode output of FeONIC Drives has another advantage of reducing the required number of speakers and auxiliary equipments along with reducing the power consumption, thus making it a green solution for audio requirements. The effect of vibrations on the surface being activated with FeONIC drives is also significantly lower as the amplitude of vibration from FeONIC Drives is almost hundred times lower than that from conventional speakers thus reducing the likelihood of any structural damage. FeONIC Drives have a zinc casing and aluminium foot construction with a melting point of 633 degree F, making these drives fire-proof and thus suitable for emergency evacuation systems alongside their normal job of providing sound output for background or foreground music.


FeONIC’s Middle East Distributor, MINDCo Middle East FZE’s Director Adish Chauhan said “As region’s construction professionals are looking forward to green and eco friendly solutions for a sustainable future, FeONIC’s technology will play a meaningful role in meeting audio requirements with reduced energy requirements, noise pollution and structural damage. FeONIC Technology’s products will not only be a cost effective solution but also products to support the environment and its stakeholders”.


Currently FeONIC drives are available in 3 models covering 20Hz- 20 KHz: F4 Drive with 20W output (100Hz-20KHz), F 1.3 Drive with 100W output (63 Hz – 20 KHz) and S Drive which is a sub woofer drive (20Hz-200Hz) however different wattage may be made available on request.

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